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“Years passed, as the mighty armies clashed. And then, silence. No one knows exactly what happened in the final battle. And no one knows how it came to end. All that is known is that one man strode from the wreckage, one man walked free from the ruins of Gallifrey and Skaro. The Time Lord called the Doctor. And his hearts were heavy as he boarded his ship once more, and took to the skies, to escape everything he had just seen; everything he had just done.”

written by Russell T Davies in the Doctor Who 2006 Annual

  • to escape everything he had just seen
  • everything he had just seen
  • seen
  • SEEN
  • everything he had just done
  • huh.
  • i really want to know how fake memories were planted in his head to make him think that he had just witnessed the destruction of his home planet at his own hand *glares at the 50th suspiciously*

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