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endless list of billie gifs

recolor of this photo.


otp memeevery color of the rainbow

“David Tennant and Billie Piper are sat on the industrial-looking spaceship set…thinking up innovative and interesting ways of upsetting the horse, when it arrives.

'Out of the way, four-legs?” suggests David.

'Move along, Red Rum!' says Billie.

'On your way, Tonto!'

There is a tumbleweed-beckoning silence as they try to think of another insult.

'Hmm,' says Billie, after a long pause.

'Horse comedy, eh?'

‘Yep,’ nods David, still thinking hard, ‘a little bit of equine banter.’

DWM 370, on the set of Girl in the Fireplace 

p.s. Lest you worry about animal hatred, "Presently Euros dashes onto the set. He has news. "The horse has arrived!" he announces. "YAY" cheers Billie. "Ooh, I can hear it," grins David. When the beautiful white horse appears, he gets lots of attention. "Hello, lovely," says Billie. "Hello, mate," says Noel, "Nice hooves." "Can I get a picture with the horse?" interrupts Billie."

(via allegoricalrose)


Six gifs per episode: 1.10 The Doctor Dances


Is it weird that immediately upon listening to this interview (ok ok, I paused half way through it) I googled “white calvin klein red band”?

For the record after exhaustive research, I’m reasonably certain that he was wearing these.

warning: link leads to a crotchtacular mens underwear shot. 

Does it need saying?

The difference in the way the Doctor is written by RTD and Moffat.


Companion: I am so rubbish. 

RTD-written Doctor: No, you’re not! You’re brilliant! Remember that wonderful thing you did! Remember that special skill you have that nobody else has? Don’t put yourself down! Where would I be without you, eh?


Moffat-written Doctor: You are bossy, also a control freak, a narcissist, a game player, needy, and also your skirt is just a little too tight.

Companion: Excuse me???